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Beer in the backcountry

It's finally almost here: beer for backpacking.

Last year, Pat's Backcountry Beverages announced the upcoming release of powdered sodas and concentrated beers with a compact and easy-to-use carbonation system. 

My initial thoughts: mixed. I love beer. I am from Milwaukee, after all. When I go car camping, beer is inevitably on the packing list. But the idea of hauling beer on a backpacking trip seems... a bit off. 

Bottles and cans add unneccessary weight to a pack, and it seems counterproductive to combine such a healthy, natural activity with an unhealthy one. Plus, concentrated beer cannot taste nearly as good as the real stuff, right? 

Well, I'm starting to come around. Sipping a cold brew around a campfire in Wisconsin's Northwoods sounds pretty ideal. According to the company's website, the beer is not dehydrated, it's actually brewed using minimal water, creating a concentrated beer that supposedly tastes as good as any craft brew. The carbonation system is basically just a water bottle, which means the added weight would be minimal.

The carbonation system and powdered sodas are available for purchase on Pat's website now, and the beer is coming soon. The Alaska-based company released images of the packaging for their Pale Rail and Black IPA this past week, noting distributors are coming on board this month.

Cheers to getting our hands on some in Wisconsin in the near future!

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